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As it says on the title. Tell me how my driving is.
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It has been a long time since the rebellion at White Spire.

Cole doesn't know how long; he's not very good at working out how days translate into other periods of time. He knows there's been two winters, or was it three?

Now he helps people with the Inquisitor. Right now, helping people is finding his way through the dungeons while the fighting between the mages and templars rages outside. There's prisoners, captured mages, and Cole is to go in, sense the ones who don't want to hurt people and let them out of their cells and lead them back out again.

He crouches down at the next cell door, resting his brow on the wood and listening to the hum of emotions and memories, regrets for the last time he was in a cell like this, and not being able to help his strange spirit boy rescuer-

"Rhys?" He forgets about opening the door and instead warps the Fade to step through the solid wall. "Rhys?!"
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Backtagging: Yes
Threadhopping: Yes
Fourthwalling: He will do it on occasion
Offensive subjects (elaborate):


Hugging this character: He will be shocked
Kissing this character: He will be confused
Flirting with this character: He will miss it
Fighting with this character: Is understandable
Injuring this character (include limits and severity): By negotiation
Killing this character: No
Using telepathy/mind reading abilities on this character: Talk to me. He's an telepathic empath with psychometry... psychic things need negotiation.

Warnings: Cole is, as mentioned above, empathic, telepathic and capable of reading the history and emotions of items as well as people. He involves a lot of unintentionally invasive questions, mind reading and may on occasion take a peek through the fourth wall. Please feel free to contact me here or on AIM @ jemisard or [ profile] jemisard

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[IC contact point]
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NAME: Cole
AGE: Unknown
RACE: Spirit/Human
BUILD: Lanky
HAIR: Pale blond
EYES: Light blue grey
SKIN: Near translucent white
BEARING: Awkward as hell
DISTINGUISHING FEATURES: Large nose, weak chin, eyes so pale they seem to almost glow. He also has a hollowness to his features that suggests a period of starvation.

Often found where the most suffering is, around the medics and healers, otherwise can be found anywhere in the area if you need to find him. He'll turn up when you need (not want) him.


White Spire: The Ghost of White Spire. Also known as the Killer of White Spire. Mages from White Spire will recognise Cole by description, the young man who haunted there for over a year. He was associated with at least six murders committed with a single knife thrust, in locked cells.



Approval & Gifts

+ Selflessness
+ Helping others
+ Punishing cruelty
- Cruelty
- Refusing help to the needy
- Causing suffering by action or inaction

Big brimmed hats
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Name: Jemisard
Age: 30+
Contact: PM [personal profile] killedwithlove or [ profile] jemisard
Other Characters: No
Interests: I just hear so many good things from friends who are in the game and I love Dragon Age and have rped and written from it for quite a while. I'm really interested in a lot of personal stuff with others and helping Cole grow as an individual through helping and connecting with other individuals.


Name: Cole
Canon/OC: Canon
Journal: [personal profile] killedwithlove
Race: Spirit
Nationality: n/a
Occupation: n/a
Mage or Non-Mage: Non-Mage
Age: Undefinable (appears no older than 20, manifested in Thedas three years ago, age of the spirit unknown)


Cole's Wikia Page


Cole is Compassion. Compassion who has learned suffering without end except death, and he has walked the line of being Mercy and nearly tumbled into Despair before being helped back from that edge. Cole will always endeavour to do the least hurt and harm to people, even if that means killing someone who won't stop hurting others. He has near boundless compassion and empathy, (thought Erimond is still just an asshole), so he will understand why people do what they do emotionally, even if he doesn't agree with them.
To this end, Cole is walking a strange line between something spirit and something human. He has the memories of being a living person. He knows he's actually a creature of the Fade who can't go home. He constantly experiences and lives others emotions and memories and frequently struggles with the idea that mortals have an 'inside' and an 'outside'. Spirits are what they are whole heartedly, so the notion of thought/feeling and action not being aligned is something he still hasn't mastered. This often leads to him reading memories and thoughts and promptly asking about them or bringing them up with no regard or understanding that these might be private and shouldn't be shared. Dorian infamously offered him a chance to ask anything he wanted and found some painfully intimate points brought to light in front of others. Cole never means to embarrass people but he has a poor grasp of socially appropriate, privacy and no sense of shame.
He can still keep secrets. He has never told what he knows about Blackwall's past. He can feel how desperately Blackwall wants that to never come to light.
Compassion is not pacifism. Animals and people need to eat and survive and that's just part of nature, as much as he himself is. Sometimes, as much as he might not like it, the best he can offer is a clean and pain free death, which is why his natural specialisation is Assassin.


Normally, spirits are very simple things. They are what they are with their total and whole being. Compassion is literally only Compassion, with no capacity to be angry at hurts caused, no insight into why it causes the reaction it does, nothing but empathy for the mortals. Cole is not like this. Cole has walked the line of being Despair, he has been Mercy and more than anything, he has memories and complexities to him. He's angry that he was left to die/Cole was left to die. He's scared of being a monster. He enjoys simply having company and being with people. These layers make Cole unlike any spirit experienced before. And, even more strangely, Cole is manifested in Thedas. All spirits use a host to exist in the world for any length of time. Spirits without hosts are warped, their natures shredded by the confusion of reality. Cole is none of these. Cole is a spirit who has manifested as a young man and continues to remain so, unable and unwilling to contemplate changing his shape like most of his brethren could.

Interesting, despite being so different, Cole's only real opinion on being how he is is that he can help more people more effectively like this. He enjoys interacting with mortals in their world and learning about them (though he doesn't sleep or eat and intact seems to find the idea of eating revolting, despite having done it when he travelled with Rhys and company from Adamant). He has some mild curiosity about interacting with the world, but little emotions on being how he is, except that he's content as is.

He has little desires for himself at present. I would like to explore his growth into a being who does want things for himself and forms those opinions in the game.

Opinions & Affiliations

Cole ultimately just wants people to be good to each other. He doesn't really understand the idea of viewing an organisation as an entity and only sees individuals and their unique thoughts and feelings.

Cole understands that a lot of Circles suffered under Templars. The White Spire was plagued by troubles shortly before it revolted against its Templars, mostly stemming from the Templars fear and paranoia and subsequent cruelty to the mages being met by the mages feeling that fighting was their only option. He experienced Templar neglect and cruelty first hand. He does not think that mages should use violence in return. Cole is very much an adherent to "An eye for an eye leaves the whole world blind", because more cruelty and hurt cannot bring people to be happy and not hurting.

The Grey Wardens have opened Cole's eyes to the possibility of being forced to hurt people. Worse, people he cares for and tries to help. He understands how each Warden came to their decision, the pain it caused them to make the choice they did (even if he thinks demon summoning is never a good idea) and he will always push for empathy and lenience for those who regret any harm they caused. This is true for most people, not just the Grey Wardens. Cole believes in second chances; it's the very wish which shaped him into the world. Being an empath just makes him more able to understand where people came from and to work with them through why it might have been a bad decision.

Be kind. But carry a sharp knife, in case something must be stopped.



Strengths & Weaknesses

Rogue: Twin Knives, Specialisation: Assassin

He's an invisible, amnesia inducing spirit who can possibly move through locked doors and read people's mind and intentions.

He's really bad at pretending to be people. And doing basic human things, like sleeping and eating (he doesn't need to), washing (he doesn't sweat, but he does get sprayed with blood) and has fairly questionable taste in hats. He often forgets to let people see him. He very easily comes off as creepy, just, keep him away from anyone you need to win over socially.


Hat. Armour. Two knives of questionable origin.


Cole wants to help.


PSL in world
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The trip to Tevinter was long and dangerous, but it was safer than the alternative of staying in Orlais or Fereldan, staying near the Inquisitor or near the Wolf.

He hadn't been able to plan it. He wasn't good at planning, regardless, but if he had planned, the Wolf would have realised what he was going to do and have stopped him. Changed him. Rewritten what he was and he didn't want to ever be rewritten again.

He hid from people with a thought and often spent the day hiding with wild animals, soothing them into letting him rest with them, stay hidden and safe.

It took him less time that it should have, but more than he wanted, to reach the property of House Pavus. He had followed the pull of warmth once he hit the city limits, where slaves were well treated and there was no stench of fear/despair/blood tangled in the brickwork.

He walked past the guards by telling them not to see him and into the palace itself. Finding Dorian was more difficult. He didn't know Dorian well after so long. So he had to ask someone where he was and that was how he had ended sitting on top of a dome with a small group of confused guards and servants trying to work out where the intruder was while Cole tried to work out what he should do next.
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It didn't like House Pavus.

It was nicer than most places here, in Tevinter, but it was still something wrong, fresh pain and fear painting the hallways. The stones were hushed and the servants grieving, though no blood stained the air of this place.

Something remained terribly wrong. Wrong enough that though his bindings told him to obey, something deeper tugged at him, something that made stronger demands than Adralla's words engraved on his manacles and collar.

He moved through the house, then through a locked door that led into fine, cool chambers. Gilded cage, golden and glittering.

There. Despair. The familiar, heavy taste on his tongue, his knife in his hand without his decision to summon it.

He stood there, wondering if he would be seen. If this was one of his, calling him.
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Cole had said he would go to Val Royeaux when they next went there.

It happened sooner than anticipated. Cadash returned from her expedition in Valammar and, as Cole had predicted, Varric was heart broken, the betrayal a step beyond what he could take, even from his beloved, elusive Bianca.

Cadash promptly announced they were going as a group to Val Royeaux. Not just her and Varric, but anyone and everyone who wanted to come and sort out business. Uniforms needed making for this ridiculous ball, Varric needed a cheer up which meant new bow components, Solas was complaining about a lack of the pigments he wanted, and in the end Cadash had just yelled a lot and bundled up everyone who might want to go or be needed.

They made a long, straggling caravan trail of horses, nugalopes, dracolisks and foot soldiers. Cole, still unable to ride on his own, had hopped up onto Dorian's horse for most of the trip, wandering away and back as he was called to help.

But as they drew closer, he went quiet, cuddling into Dorian's back and watching the great, White Spire with an apprehensive gaze. He wanted to make new, better memories to wipe away the fear of his last trip to this place, but that didn't make facing it now any easier.
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When Cole did have questions, he ended up going to Varric rather than Solas. Solas wouldn't approve of the things he was thinking about and wanted to know about. And Varric told stories about relationships all the time and wouldn't speak in euphemisms that just left him confused.

After, he went to find Krem, aiming to intercept him before he made it to the tavern and settled in with the other Chargers. He wanted them to talk alone without Krem being embarrassed about what the others would say about it.
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Cole slept like the dead. He hadn't ever needed it before, but humanity on top of injuries and sex had worn him out quite effectively.

But it was much, much later, early the next morning, that there was a soft knock on the door. "Dorian? It's Nadezhda."
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The next day, Cole had woken Dorian up to let him know he was heading out with the Inquisitor. She wanted to go to Emprise du Lion for a few days, which meant being kind to Dorian and leaving him behind and taking Cole instead, since he never minded the cold.

Cole, Solas and Blackwall set out into Emprise du Lion with Cadash.

They were gone for eight days. Not unusual with travel times, but they came back in poor shape. Blackwall's shield was near split in half, Solas was using his staff to aid his walking and Cole was being carried in the cart rather than walking alongside the pony and talking to her.

Cadash was bloodied and bruised and looking the best of then. Which wasn't saying much, but they'd done their jobs and kept her safe. At some cost apparently.

The scouts were saying words like 'ambush' and 'slave caravans, growing the lyrium in them even before the cart drew in through the gates and people started to clamber off.
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"Hello, recorder. Can you please take messages if I'm not here? Thank you."

Voice : Video : Action
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Mother Giselle had been pretty upset about the digging in the garden. Cole helped put things back in order, even if she didn't really see him do it. He also planted some daisies by the statue of Andraste, yellow ones.

He didn't try sleeping again. It was too frightening. But he wanted to thank Dorian for having been there and helped him.

He couldn't help Dorian's hurt. He kept trying, but it just hurt Dorian more, and he hated hurting Dorian. It curdled something in him.

Being Compassion wasn't solving this. Instead, he watched people, tried to understand how to make people happy without easing the hurt.

Taking away their hurt and making them happy were different. It was a huge realisation.

Which was why he set up the chess board in Dorian's nook, curling up on a cushion on the floor and sitting there patiently until Dorian arrived.
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Returning from the strange place back to Skyhold had been a bit of a shock, but far less of one than the original trip the other way around.

What was more surprising to Cole was feeling an unfamiliar ripple and distress in the castle. He quickly made his way after it, blanking himself from people's notice to head deep into the Undercroft, past the smithy, into the very bowels of the mountain and keep itself.

Because it was unfamiliar to this place, but he was sure that he knew that distress.

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