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PSL: Tevinter AU for Dorian.

It didn't like House Pavus.

It was nicer than most places here, in Tevinter, but it was still something wrong, fresh pain and fear painting the hallways. The stones were hushed and the servants grieving, though no blood stained the air of this place.

Something remained terribly wrong. Wrong enough that though his bindings told him to obey, something deeper tugged at him, something that made stronger demands than Adralla's words engraved on his manacles and collar.

He moved through the house, then through a locked door that led into fine, cool chambers. Gilded cage, golden and glittering.

There. Despair. The familiar, heavy taste on his tongue, his knife in his hand without his decision to summon it.

He stood there, wondering if he would be seen. If this was one of his, calling him.
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He had to get out of here.

He just had no idea how.

Arms folded over his knees, as he sat crouched in the corner of his room. Glowering at the locked door - locked with magic and locking pins and all other kinds of nonsense that he could not escape. His jaw is tight, and he glowers at the bruises of his skin. Bastard retainers, every last one of them. Paid by his father's promises of gold and restitution for keeping him here, for keeping him from escaping this - this horrific thing.

And then, there was a young man.

Standing there, on the other side of the door that was locked. "Who the Maker's tits are you?"
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He looked at the boy - slave boy, if he had to guess. Yet ... he had never seen shackles glow like that. As if they weren't really there to begin with. He frowned again, and winced as he pushed himself up from the ground.

His lip bled freely again as he smirked, "Of course I can see you, Mercy, but I'm not sure you're in the right place. There's no mercy here." He glowered at the door behind them, "Only idiocy. And fear."

A heavy sigh, "Most of it - my own." He glanced sharply at the young man, "Mercy, how much would I have to bribe you, to open that door?"
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"Oh, it would help me enormously ... "

He trails off, because yes, he did notice that the footsteps did not bring any dust, made no sound, nothing. He stared at his feet, then up at the young man with wide eyes. "I ... I will always fight. I will always fight, to be myself."

He stares still. "Then I -- escape." He gives the young man - whatever he is - a more keen look. "Do you need to escape?"
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"Ah, all right ... hasn't worked for me, but why don't you try?" He stated dryly, ever the prince even in his torn and dirtied clothes. Then his eyebrows rose.

"By the Maker's balls - you're a spirit, aren't you?"
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Right. Yes. Trapped spirit, not a demon because demons did not look like young men who needed a haircut. Dorian walked over to the lock himself, smiling a little.

"No need to worry. I'm Dorian, and I'm a mage, and since I have always been both -- " He can feel the lock starting to turn under his manipulations. "I shall make us both free."
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"Oh, a mind reading spirit ... well, this will be a fun dash for our lives." Dorian sighed, before he eyed the chains about Mercy.

"I am different because I put my caring, where caring matters. For others. And for my hair, but that's besides the point." He put his hand where the mancles are, feeling out the edges of the spell, before he twists his wrists just so, to snap the spell.

"So do the ritual. The fuck I will."
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Dorian blinks.

Then blinks again.

Then blinks one more time as Mercy is in his space and then he is hugging him. Tall, broad spirit man hugging him.

Well, he always wanted to save someone in a dramatic and heroic fashion. He just didn't imagine it would be while he was trying to break himself free. He hugged Mercy awkwardly, clearing his throat. "Ah. Yes. Fine. Shall we get out of here before they decide shackling and locking the door was too easy?"
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"... so now you're Compassion? Well, you're free now so you can call yourself whatever you like, my slippery friend." Dorian smirks, before looking around. "We need to get my staff, my jewels, and then we need to - ah - cloak our way out of here."

He gestured for Cole to follow him down the hallway, towards where he knew the vault was.
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"You are a lot of people at the same time. Do you find that confusing?"

Dorian asked, eyeing his new companion from the side, and then blinked as he flickered into view. "Should I ask who the Old Woman is? And how did she fight an Archdemon?"

Because there had to be a Blight for that ... "Were you with the Hero of Fereldan?"
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And now, Dorian was going to speak - but he was cut off when Cole held his hand and the slave rushed by to the kitchen. He held his breath, waiting for the man to take note of them ... but he said nothing at all.

"...all right, first of all, why? Second of all, were you coming to kill me!?"
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"Why did the old woman bring you the Archdemon in the Fade? Seems like a terribly stupid thing to do." He paused, then his mouth thinned. "Ah yes, it all begins to make sense now. He enslaved you to find the secrets of his enemies. Had you sneak into their houses - the nerve."

Disgust ran through his tone, as he started to move ahead once more, "Well, he's going to be dreadfully disappointed - almost as disappointed as my father. You're coming with me, Compassion."
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"I ... see. You've known some interesting people." Then he paused, and stared, "Wait, you mean -- the Hero of Fereldan? She was with the Hero of Fereldan!?"

Interesting, indeed.

Another shake of the head, jaw tightening with every word, and by the time they reached his rooms he slammed the door open and started going through all his secret stashes. "Those ... bastards! I'll fireball every single one of them myself."
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"... Really you did get around before you came here."

And now Dorian is just muttering to himself as he throws some clothes and jewels and money into a bag, grabbing his staff and - ah.

"Compassion? Where are you?"
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Something in Dorian's gut tightens at that - voices heard? Where had he heard such things? He whispered quietly into the darkness, "But that's not going to happen here. I am not going to hurt you, and you always have a choice with me."
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"Ah. I see. So I should ... no longer shout?"

That might not be a bad idea anyways - he doesn't want to alert the entire house to their escape.
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Dorian paused for a moment, and then his eyes narrowed in thought. "Yes ... yes do that."

Why shouldn't the slaves be freed, if blood magic might be in their future? Why not free all of them together - they were all trapped. And Compassion should know which ones were false and which were not.

"I'll go unlock the secret entrance through the cellar. Meet me there."
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He himself made his way down to the cellar, and now without his invisible friend he had to keep to the shadows so he wasn't seen by anyone else. He moved to get the door open, his eyes closed. He focused on twisting the lock open.

He looked over at the young man, spirit, then at the slaves. "We are all getting out of here. Every last one of us. So follow me, and keep close." He nodded his head, before he opened the cellar door, and led them out into the darkened alley behind his home. He bit his lip, holding his hand so he could listen, but no one was out there.

He nodded to Compassion, and led them up into the street, and back into the alley.
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"Then go scout ahead. I'll keep a barrier around these fine people." Which he did, a barrier shimmering over all of them. "Look for city guard, or military. We need to get to the outskirts of town in the next hour."