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Cole ([personal profile] killedwithlove) wrote2017-06-18 01:21 pm
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PSL: For Rhys

It has been a long time since the rebellion at White Spire.

Cole doesn't know how long; he's not very good at working out how days translate into other periods of time. He knows there's been two winters, or was it three?

Now he helps people with the Inquisitor. Right now, helping people is finding his way through the dungeons while the fighting between the mages and templars rages outside. There's prisoners, captured mages, and Cole is to go in, sense the ones who don't want to hurt people and let them out of their cells and lead them back out again.

He crouches down at the next cell door, resting his brow on the wood and listening to the hum of emotions and memories, regrets for the last time he was in a cell like this, and not being able to help his strange spirit boy rescuer-

"Rhys?" He forgets about opening the door and instead warps the Fade to step through the solid wall. "Rhys?!"

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