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PSL: For Rhys

It has been a long time since the rebellion at White Spire.

Cole doesn't know how long; he's not very good at working out how days translate into other periods of time. He knows there's been two winters, or was it three?

Now he helps people with the Inquisitor. Right now, helping people is finding his way through the dungeons while the fighting between the mages and templars rages outside. There's prisoners, captured mages, and Cole is to go in, sense the ones who don't want to hurt people and let them out of their cells and lead them back out again.

He crouches down at the next cell door, resting his brow on the wood and listening to the hum of emotions and memories, regrets for the last time he was in a cell like this, and not being able to help his strange spirit boy rescuer-

"Rhys?" He forgets about opening the door and instead warps the Fade to step through the solid wall. "Rhys?!"
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Rhys was both surprised and not at all surprised to end up here. And both for the same reason: he had chosen to speak out and cast the dividing vote. But to be considered a mage who might hurt people was just plain offensive.

He was however, surprised to see Cole appear before him. Maybe he shouldn't have been. But he was. And he might feel the slightest bit betrayed as well. Cole would be the one to judge him. He thinks Cole should know better. But then, it had been a few years... maybe the lad had forgotten in the way that so many others had forgotten him.

Rhys blinks a few times, trying to see in the dim light.

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Rhys tilts his head slightly. He's clearly confused.

"Cole? Why would I want to forget you? You spent so long hoping people would remember you, why would you want to make me forget?"

There were many times that Rhys didn't understand Cole, but this was the biggest.
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He reaches out and takes hold of Cole's hand.

"I'm not sure any of that matters where you're concerned. I'm not even sure it mattered before. But you are good now. And that's all that matters now."

He releases Cole and watches him work. He smiles when he hears the lock turn.

"You've gotten very good at that. Where are we going, in case we get separated?"
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Rhys nods to show he understands. He follows as closely behind as he can. Even though it's been a few years, he still trusts Cole completely. The lad had never let him down. Even when Cole should have run, he didn't. Rhys will always trust him and thank him for that.

"Not this one what?"

Rhys doesn't understand what's wrong.
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Rhys has never been one to judge Cole's judgement of character - save when it came to himself. But bygones. He simply nods at the information.

"I see. Best leave her then."

He pauses outside of the next cell and has no idea what to say in reply.

"Cole... Are you saying that you are in there? I mean... your past self? Isn't it dangerous to meet yourself?"
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Rhys doesn't quite believe Cole, but he doesn't have much say in things right now.

"We'll wait for you on the other side."

Of the door, but it is enough. He speaks to the person inside the cell. "Come along, I'll keep you safe."

He only hopes he can be true to his word.
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Rhys nods. "Follow to the left. Got it. Are you done? We should have someone in the back to make sure no one lags behind."
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Rhys nods. "Good. Keep them moving and keep them quiet."

He moves back to the front and gives similar instructions before slipping through and leading the way to the left.

It was a longish cavern, it felt familiar, though it didn't look familiar at all. But he knew better than to question Cole. If anything bad happened, well... there'd be time enough to address that later.
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Rhys uncharacteristically collapses into the arms of one of the rescuers. He allows for their fussing as they bundle him into a blanket and force him to drink some water. All he really wants is to go home. While he said he would help them, the inquisition was never his home.

"Thank you."

But it sounded more like a dismissal of those around him.
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Rhys sees Cole in the distance. He senses what he fears might happen and once the others leave him alone, he moves toward him.

"Cole? What is it? Is something going to happen?"

Rhys could really do for a bit longer of a rest. But if Cole says they need to move, well, he'll listen to him.
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Rhys relaxes. "Is that all? Of course they want us back. We weren't just held there for no reason, Cole. But it's all right. We don't need to know the future. We just need to stay far enough ahead of them."

He pauses and looks around.

"Will it make you feel better if we stay with the Inquisition for awhile?"
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Rhys' jaw drops. Is that what this was all about? Oh, no. This won't do at all.

"Cole. I never forgot you. You didn't betray me. We kept reminding each other of you. Evangeline and me."

They worked so hard to not forget him.
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Rhys sighs. He'd left Cole alone for too long. But he had thought Cole left him. He couldn't find him, so he had though Cole had vanished from existence, he had no way to really know what happened to the lad.

He moves to sit near Cole. Just enough to show he won't go anywhere.

"Cole. You are real. Just because you're not what you thought you were, or what I thought you were, doesn't mean you're not real. You are... just in a different way."

Rhys doesn't know how to explain it. But that is what he believes.
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Rhys offers a small smile when Cole sits closer to him. Good. This was good. Their time apart had clearly made the spirit more skittish than he had been before.

"You are very rare. Unique. Special. And now that we're together again, we can help to protect each other. You're not in this alone. I hope you know that if Solas was able to say that, he must feel the same?"

Or at least similar enough. Cole will never be abandoned.
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"I didn't think you'd want to find me again. Since I doubted you, however briefly... I betrayed you."

He sighs and then finds the irony of it all and starts to chuckle softly.

"We make quite the pair, don't we?"
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But Rhys is still smiling. "I just mean that we each were seeing past each other a bit."

Rhys doesn't know how to explain it, so instead he gets serious again because of the word 'demon'.

"You're not a demon. You're far too good to be that."
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"He's very wise. You would do well to listen to him."

He looks fondly at the lad.

"I would say you are Compassion. Not 'am' or 'was'. It is a state of existence for you."
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Rhys sighs. He doesn't want to fight. And then Cole... compliments him.

"You... When you say things like that, it makes me feel sad, Cole. You deserved so much better."
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He sighs softly.

"Fine. You both deserved better."

Because that's really how he feels about it.
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Rhys nods. He hadn't been talking about that. He just meant in general Cole and the spirit Cole - neither of them deserved the kinds of things people were doing to them.

He hangs his head for a moment.

"No one deserves death, Cole. Death happens in war, but no one deserves it."
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Rhys nods. "I know. I didn't mean..."

He sighs.

"It's been a long time, Cole. And I've seen a lot of killing."

ANd he's just so sick of it at this point.
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It's okay, I've had a crazy few weeks anyway.

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Rhys chuckles softly and accepts the hug. He turns slightly so that he can hug Cole properly in return.

After about of minute of silence, he finally whispers.

"I've missed you."