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PSL: Dorian

The trip to Tevinter was long and dangerous, but it was safer than the alternative of staying in Orlais or Fereldan, staying near the Inquisitor or near the Wolf.

He hadn't been able to plan it. He wasn't good at planning, regardless, but if he had planned, the Wolf would have realised what he was going to do and have stopped him. Changed him. Rewritten what he was and he didn't want to ever be rewritten again.

He hid from people with a thought and often spent the day hiding with wild animals, soothing them into letting him rest with them, stay hidden and safe.

It took him less time that it should have, but more than he wanted, to reach the property of House Pavus. He had followed the pull of warmth once he hit the city limits, where slaves were well treated and there was no stench of fear/despair/blood tangled in the brickwork.

He walked past the guards by telling them not to see him and into the palace itself. Finding Dorian was more difficult. He didn't know Dorian well after so long. So he had to ask someone where he was and that was how he had ended sitting on top of a dome with a small group of confused guards and servants trying to work out where the intruder was while Cole tried to work out what he should do next.

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