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Cole ([personal profile] killedwithlove) wrote2016-06-13 08:12 pm
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PSL: Tevinter AU for Dorian.

It didn't like House Pavus.

It was nicer than most places here, in Tevinter, but it was still something wrong, fresh pain and fear painting the hallways. The stones were hushed and the servants grieving, though no blood stained the air of this place.

Something remained terribly wrong. Wrong enough that though his bindings told him to obey, something deeper tugged at him, something that made stronger demands than Adralla's words engraved on his manacles and collar.

He moved through the house, then through a locked door that led into fine, cool chambers. Gilded cage, golden and glittering.

There. Despair. The familiar, heavy taste on his tongue, his knife in his hand without his decision to summon it.

He stood there, wondering if he would be seen. If this was one of his, calling him.

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