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Cole ([personal profile] killedwithlove) wrote2015-04-05 10:02 pm
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backtagging: Yes
threadjacking: Yes, unless it's serious things, in which case an ask is appreciated
fourthwalling: Not really my thing


physical affection: Is fine, though expect him to be skittish except with a few select people.
flirting: You are more than welcome to. Cole will probably not realise.
fighting: The knives aren't decorative.
injuries: Talk first, please.
death: Talk first, always.
telepathy/psychic abilities: Definitely, being the little psychic creature he is.

warnings: Cole was, in his earliest mortal life, a little bit of a serial killer. Also, he has a truly horrendous origin which he will discuss like it doesn't really mean anything, but involves child abuse, torture, murder and death by neglect from the proper authority. So... he's a little bit of a minefield of triggers.

Cole wants to help, but sometimes helping means a sharp knife across the throat, so, uh... yeah. There's that.

powers: Cole is very powerful psychically. He can't do magic, but he is actually a creature of pure magic given form through sheer willpower (and possibly accidental blood sacrifice). He can read minds and emotions and memories with very little effort, especially if that mental thing relates to hurt, or something that would heal the hurt.
Cole can instinctively pick what will help people's hurts. USUALLY. He will stop if asked or told to.
He's also a psychometrist and has long and involved conversations with objects like his shoes, doors, his augment, garden plants and animals. He's not crazy, he really does pick up things back from them.
Healers will find healing easier or possible with Cole's presence and help. He can't heal people on his own.

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