killedwithlove: (Calm)
Cole ([personal profile] killedwithlove) wrote2015-03-14 02:09 pm

For [personal profile] insurgoaltus

Mother Giselle had been pretty upset about the digging in the garden. Cole helped put things back in order, even if she didn't really see him do it. He also planted some daisies by the statue of Andraste, yellow ones.

He didn't try sleeping again. It was too frightening. But he wanted to thank Dorian for having been there and helped him.

He couldn't help Dorian's hurt. He kept trying, but it just hurt Dorian more, and he hated hurting Dorian. It curdled something in him.

Being Compassion wasn't solving this. Instead, he watched people, tried to understand how to make people happy without easing the hurt.

Taking away their hurt and making them happy were different. It was a huge realisation.

Which was why he set up the chess board in Dorian's nook, curling up on a cushion on the floor and sitting there patiently until Dorian arrived.

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