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Application for Fade Rift


Name: Jemi
Are you over 18?: Yes
Contact: [ profile] jemisard
Other characters: None
Referred by: MJ

Name: Cole
Category: 2
Medium: Dragon Age: Asunder (book), Dragon Age: Inquisition
Age: n/a (20)
Race: Spirit (Human)
Place of Origin: The Fade/ White Spire Circle

Concept: Cole is a unique creature. He’s technically a spirit, Compassion, who was drawn into the real world by strength of will and the need to help a starving, suffering and dying young apostate called Cole. When Cole died, Compassion appears to have taken on his life and memories and forgotten what it was, believing itself to be the young man, with fractured memories and overwhelming, conflicting emotions.

Compassion, now calling itself Cole, had its nature warped by the despair and fear of the White Spire Circle. It became something closer to Despair and wandered, lost, in the Pit below the Spire for an unknown number of years. No one could see or hear the young man until a spirit medium named Rhys came into the Pit and found him.

Meeting Rhys, Cole slowly learned to become a person. His compassionate nature meant he attached very strongly to Rhys and developed a certain dependence on his presence and reassurance. When Rhys found out Cole was murdering newly arrived mages to spare them, they fought and Rhys left the Spire shortly after. Finding out that there were plans to kill Rhys, Cole set out after the party to warn them. He and Rhys made up to a degree, but it wasn’t until Cole was inadvertently dragged into the Fade with the group to fight a demon that some of the truths about what had shaped the young man came out and he reconciled with Rhys and came to know the other people in the group, including a Templar called Ser Evangeline. During their journey, it quickly became apparent that everyone but Rhys was forgetting Cole existed again.

Returning to the Spire, Cole was part of an action to try and save Rhys. He was confronted by Lord Seeker Lambert and his nature as a spirit was revealed to all, including him. He vanished, only to reappear some time later in Lambert’s personal quarters, to tell him the story of the real Cole before killing Lambert and leaving again.

Cole came to the Inquisition with news of the Templars being taken over by Corypheus. He comforted Chancellor Roderick during his death and was allowed to stay with the Inquisition, given the chance to help people on a broader scale.

After seeing what could be made of spirits and mortals in Adamant, Cole developed a paralysing fear of being made to hurt people, especially his friends. Chasing down a medallion to stop him being bound led to him confronting the Templar who had locked up the apostate Cole and forgot about him, leading to his painful and lingering death in the cells. Against Solas’ wishes, Cole was allowed to confront the Templar and accept that he was allowed to feel angry for his murder.

Now more human than he was, Cole is still a spirit. That is not under dispute. But he’s more mortal than any other spirit has ever been. He feels emotions of his own, not just compassion for suffering around him.

He still has the irritating habit of going invisible, even if people can notice him when he’s not focusing on being unseen, and remember him now. He is a rogue, after all.

Since U Been Gone: Was present at the end of Dragon Age: Inquisition

Recruitment: Recruited in Dragon Age Inquisition.

Plot preferences: I really like exploration of personal interactions. Cole’s very nature means he loves meeting people and trying to help them, learning about them, spending time with them. He’s a very people orientated creature. I’m pretty easy about plot types, I just love interacting. Though, politics with Cole would be pretty funny. I also do combat comfortably if anyone particularly wants.

Sample: Cole having injuries treated by Krem

A continuation of that thread, if it isn’t long enough.

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